Culture Trip

What is it?

An iOS and responsive web app that gives users the opportunity to experience affordable immersive travel experiences

Who is it for?

Young adults who want to experience affordable adventures.

What makes it uniquely valuable?

Culture Trip offers curated, structured small-group trips that promise to be both comfortable and culturally stimulating.

The UX

What are the features?

  1. Trips
    1. Search location
    2. Filter by trip type
    3. Browse trips
    4. Enquire/book a trip
  2. Guides (Blog)
    1. Save an article
    2. Download an article
    3. Share an article
    4. View on map
  3. My Plans
    1. Create a travel plan
      1. Save places
      2. Save articles
  4. My Profile
  5. Customer support

The UI

  • There are hardly any containers or borders
  • Strong typographic contrast and alignment separates content
  • Buttons use consistent pill-shaped styling
  • The brand color is rarely used
  • Responsiveness is broken on the website